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Borrowing items:

We want you to have access to books you want for as long as you need them.  You can borrow

– for a period of three weeks:

  • Fiction, non-fiction, manga, magazines  (4 max.)
  • Kobo eReaders

– for a period of one week or two weeks (as selected by user):

overnight only:

  • Reference books (4 max.)

All items except eBooks have “Date due” slips attached to them, which are stamped with the due date.  Please keep track and return or renew items on time.  You can renew items as many times as you like, as long as no one else has reserved them.

Overdrive eBooks will disappear by themselves after one week.



Fines are payable when items are overdue:

  • $0.10/school day for each book, magazine or Kobo reader
  • $1.00/school day for each reference book.
  • $0 /school day for eBooks (they disappear, so no late fees – ever!)

Maximum fine payable: $3.00.  Once you owe this amount, you have to pay it off before borrowing more books from the library.


Lost or damaged items must be replaced.  You may replace the item or pay for the replacement cost.  All fines are payable before report cards can be collected at the end of the year.


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