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Library & Computer Rules

Library Rules:

The library functions as a “common room” before school, at recess, and at lunch.  Students are welcome to study, read, socialize and spend time on the computers or their own devices.  However, during class time, as well as on test and exam days, the library is a quiet place to study and noisier activities are restricted.

  • Neither food nor drink (except water) is permitted in the library.
  • Headphones must be worn when listening to music or watching videos.
  • Students who come to work in the library during class must have a note from their teacher.
  • No phone calls in the library.

Computer Rules:

The “use of technology” agreement signed by you at the beginning of the school year also applies in the library.  In addition:

  • No cyberbullying.
  • Schoolwork has priority over other computer use.
  • Never interfere with another student’s computer.
  • Do not download programs, change settings/screensavers, or move peripherals.
  • Avoid inappropriate sites and images.  If you come across sites dealing with hate material, sexually explicit material or violent images, please alert the librarian.

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