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Governor-General’s Award-winning Author Kim Thuy comes to Westwood

Greenwood StoryFest event at Westwood on October 1, 2015.

Kim Thuy will be here at Westwood Sr. Library to speak about her novel Ru to our French classes.

Kim thuy

Kim Thuy

See the full program for this year’s StoryFest here.


Author Don Aker connects with Grade 9 Students at Westwood

On Tuesday, Don Aker, an award-winning author gave a writing workshop and a presentation on writing.  In addition to learning about the essence of good storytelling, staff and students heard about the fascinating real events and triggers that were the inspiration for his novels.

Please come in and check out some of Mr. Aker’s books.  The following titles are available from the library:

Space Between the first stone The fifth rule

running on empty Delusion road

For more information about Don Aker and his work, check the author’s website.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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The library would like to thank Home and School for sponsoring this author visit.


3D Printing wows Westwood Students and Staff


Claudia Schmidt of MatterThings 3D.



Business & Entrepreneurship students getting a closer look at 3D printed items.



Three generations of MakerBots and 3D printed items.


MakerBot from 2009. Now ready for the museum.


Watching the MakerBot in action, printing a combination phone stand and business card.


On Wednesday, April 29, 3D Printing comes to Westwood Library

Everyone is welcome to come to the library during lunch.  Here is what will be on offer:

  • Several generations of 3D printers on display.
  • 3D printers in action.
  • Your questions answered by the owners of MatterThings 3D Printing Service.
  • Find out how you can print your own projects.

  maker botmakerbot logo


It’s Earth Day at the Library!

Earth Day activities today at the library:

  1. What can YOU do to reduce your ecological footprint?  Write your ideas on the library doors and windows (with special markers).
  2. Green up your environment.  Pick up a free plant (limited quantities).
  3. Learn more about ecology and environmental issues.  Check out some of the new books available on the topic.
  4. Play!  Try some free online games that teach you about ecology while you’re having fun.  Examples include electrocity.co.nz, catchmentdetox.net.au, and interactive-biology.com/the-ecology-game.

Here is a shirt a student wore to school today.  Homemade, and heartfelt:Cropped tshirt image