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Why cite?
  1. To show that you have done proper research.
  2. To give credit to other people’s ideas and research, if you use it in your work.
  3. To allow your reader to track down the sources of information you used.
What to cite:
  1. Any information that is not common knowledge;
  2. Ideas expressed by another person;
  3. Another person’s exact words must be quoted and cited to show proper credit.

When in doubt, cite your source!  Sources can include books, book chapters, articles, websites, web pages, YouTube videos, interviews, etc. etc.

Consequences of not citing your sources:

This is called “plagiarism” – presenting knowledge, theories, ideas or words as your own, but gained from another source.  The consequences of plagiarism vary – from getting a “0” on your assignment, to being expelled (from university).




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