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Citation Guides & Tools


There are different citation styles.  The most commonly used at Westwood Sr. are MLA and APA.  Check with your teacher to see which one to use, then use it consistently.

Citation guides:

Citing can be complicated.  Don’t hesitate to ask the librarian or your teacher for help.

Citation tools:

In Wikipedia:  in the pane at left, click on Tools>Cite this page.  Select the citation style from the list.  Copy and paste the citation into your Works Cited/Reference page.

The following ONLINE TOOLS will create citations for you, but you will have to check them over, to make sure they are correct:

  • bibme.org:  will create a citation in the format you select, that you can copy and paste into your document.  If you create an account ($), the program will create your Works Cited page for you.
  • Son of Citation Machine:  will also create a citation in your preferred format.  Does not create a bibliography for you.
  • Zotero:  free software that you can download to your PC or Mac.  Once installed, it allows you to save all your research, in whatever file format you find it (video, audio, pictures, web, books), in one place.  It organizes this research by type, and makes citations, too.  Powerful and very useful, especially as your research becomes more sophisticated.
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