Westwood Sr. Library

More new books in the library this week….come in and browse


Check out one of our newest titles…

New non-fiction books in the library this week……

Remembrance Day

Step into the library this week to read up on our history, take out a war story and fill out a Postcard for Peace to send to our troops.

This touching video tribute to our veterans is worth a look…….

New fiction in the library this week

Halloween Winners

Thanks to all who entered the halloween contests in the library.  Both winners went home with a bag of candy.

The winner of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest was Emilie Martineau-Seguin.   She made the blue eyeball.

The winner of the Halloween QR Code Trivia Contest was Megan Paquette.


Halloween QR Code Contest

Scan one of the QR Codes found around the library.

Find the answer to the question.  A new question will be added each day till October 31st.

Pick up an entry form at the circulation desk.

Answer all of the contest questions correctly and you will be entered into the draw for a bag of candy.  Winners will be announced on November 1st.halloween-pumpkin-clipart

Question of the day:

Monday —

According to legend, a unibrow, tattoos and a long middle finger are all signs of what Halloween creature?

Thursday —

What is Dracula’s real name?

Wednesday  —

What country did Halloween originate in?

Tuesday         —

What is the fear of Halloween called?