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Have a Great Reading Summer!

And here we are, at last!  Ten weeks of summer stretching before us.  Are you looking for reading ideas?  Check out these great resources over the summer:

  1. The OverDrive eBook collection:  If you are traveling this summer, or if you live far from your library, or if you finish a book on Saturday and can’t get to Chapter’s until Monday, here is your solution.
    Go to https://lbpsb.lib.overdrive.com and sign in with your Portal email.
    Download the OverDrive app onto your device.  Add “Lester B. Pearson School Board” to libraries (in the app).  Sign in with your Portal email account.  You will find over 1,000 titles in this collection, all free for you to use.  You can check out one title at a time, for a period of one or two weeks.  Some titles can be returned, so that you can check out the next one.  Enjoy!
  2. The Online Book Club:  Subscribe to this blog by clicking on the “Follow” button, and you will get three reading suggestions in your inbox every 10 days over the summer, courtesy of your school librarians.  Go ahead!  Discover a title outside of your comfort zone.

Now get a cool glass of ice tea and head for your favourite reading spot!  Hammock, anyone?

It’s the Last Week of the School Year!

This means it’s time to:
  1. Return all your overdue books.
  2. Pay your fines.

Also, you will want to explore these great


  • Borrow books for the summer from Westwood Library:

    If you are in grade 9 or grade 10, and you would like to take out library books over the summer, pick up a permission form at the library.  Have you parents sign the form, and then take out the books you would like to read.

  • Borrow eBooks from OverDrive anytime:

    Download the OverDrive app to your device.  Add the library entitled “Lester B. Pearson School Board” to your list of libraries.  Log in using your Portal email address (e.g.:  jsmith01@lbpearson.qc.ca).  You can borrow one title at a time, for a period of 1 or 2 weeks.

  • Check out the GIANT BOOK GIVEAWAY all this week at Westwood Library:

    Giant book giveaway all week at the library.  Fiction and non-fiction for all ages.  Pick up books for yourself, as well as for friends and family.  Donations for “Books for Burundi” are appreciated.

  • Pick up a low-cost book from the War Memorial Library in Hudson:

    During the first week of every month, this library has a used book sale.  YA titles can often be picked up for 5 for a $1.  The June sale starts tomorrow.  See you there!

  • Download FREE audiobooks:

    SYNC audiobooks offers a FREE summer program for young adults. Each week, SYNC gives away 2 complete audiobook downloads. One title is always something new and the second title is a classic that ties into the first one. Last week’s choices were The Ring and the Crown by Melissa de la Cruz paired with Margo Lanagan’s Sea Hearts.  This year’s program started on May 7 and will continue over the next 14 weeks for a total of 28 free audio downloads geared to students 13 and up.  You can sign up for email and text alerts at http://www.audiobooksync.com.